Best Drone For Hunting

Drones For Hunting

Technology has been advancing by the day, and for the last couple of years, drones have gained a lot of popularity. Hunters are some of the people who have adopted drones in their hunting activities. Drones have become essential hunting gear because they help hunters to track their kill from an aerial view. Moreover, drones […]

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Quail Hunting Tips

Hunter Shooting At Quail with Hunting Dog

Quail is a delightful meat that hunters across the country enjoy. And many people believe that quail and quail eggs offer health benefits. For these reasons and more, many of us have a virtual obsession when it comes to hunting quail. But as often happens as humans, animals, over time, quails have gotten wise to […]

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Best Binoculars for Hunting

Binoculars are a great tool to have when you are in need of seeing far distances with clear vision. When it comes to hunting optics, binoculars are often the go to choice because they allow you to see far distances using both eyes and are often more accurate than your rifle scope, especially when it […]

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Pheasant Hunting Tips

While the pheasant was introduced to America in 1773, it was not until the early 1800s that the bird began to spread across the United States. Today, they are found in at least 40 states. While many are born in the wild, there are more than 100 pheasant farms in the United States. If you […]

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Best Hunting Knife

Purchasing a knife for hunting is no easy task given the broad scope of shapes, sizes and styles. To make the task even more difficult, you have to sort through all of the gimmicks to get to the true value of the knife and how it will serve you when you are in the field. […]

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12 Actionable Elk Hunting Tips

So you want to hunt down an elk. It would seem like a reasonable quest, wouldn’t it? The average weight of an elk bull is well over 700 pounds, reaching almost five feet tall at the shoulder. You would think a beast that big would stand out in the woods. It would seem as though […]

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Best Hunting Monocular

A monocular is, essentially, a small telescope that offers a greater degree of magnification of distant objects. This device is similar to the scope that many hunters and gun owners use on their rifles, but is handheld and can sometimes be much smaller. It is also similar to a pair of binoculars, only with one […]

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Best Hunting GPS | The Ultimate Guide

If you are a hunting fanatic looking to enjoy your next outdoor adventure, you need to be adequately prepared. When hunting out in the woods, you may wander off to places you are not familiar with. For your hunting trip to be thrilling and successful, it is advisable that you bring some type of GPS […]

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Best Video Camera For Hunting

Gone are the days of lugging a hundred pounds of bulky camera equipment through the woods to film your deer hunt only to wonder ‘how am I going to get this up a tree?’ Now, thanks to the revolution of technology, video cameras are lighter, less cumbersome, and easier to operate from a tree stand. […]

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