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Best Duck Hunting Kayak Review

Many sports exist in the world, and duck hunting is one of those that have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Just like most hobbies, duck hunting requires you to have the right gear (such as headlamps, socks and rifle slings) with you when you are in the field. Besides guns, ammunition, and camouflage gear, you will also need the best duck hunting kayak. Kayaks are excellent hunting accessories, and people are now using them in place of boats and canoes. After all, they are less costly. This post will carry out a detailed review of three of the best duck hunting kayaks in the market and some of their benefits.

Best Hunting Kayaks

The best kayaks for duck hunting feature a specific set of attributes that make them ideal for the task. For instance, most duck hunters prefer lightweight kayaks because they are easier to push into the water. The kayak should also provide a reliable camouflage. Some of the best duck hunting kayaks include:

Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind, Marsh Brown

Beavertail Duck Hunting Kayak

If you are looking for the ultimate duck hunting experience, you might consider accessorizing your hunting gear with the Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind. This kayak allows you to reach hunting grounds that you would otherwise not reach using a boat. It has an ultra-low profile that allows it to float about four to five inches above water.

The Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind also has an adequate storage room that will let you fit in your fishing pole, soft side cooler, and other essentials during your hunting endeavors. It also has a built-in transom that allows you to attach a motor; it can support a motor with 2 HP rating. The motor makes it easy to maneuver the waters to reach your preferred hunting grounds.

You would be right to regard it as the best duck-hunting kayak because you can also use it on land as a blind. What’s more, you can use it on the edge of the water, further out in the water, and it makes an ideal duck hunting gear for ambushing. It is best for ambushing because it includes a cover that maximizes your camouflage. It is worth noting, however, that you must purchase the cover separately. All these features make it an all-around kayak that would hardly disappoint you in the hunting grounds.

The kayak is made of a sturdy material, roto-polyethylene, to withstand harsh conditions in the hunting field. Furthermore, the Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind is not only lightweight but is also affordable. Additional features on this kayak are the stabilizing holes that are situated on its front and back. Besides its stabilizing holes, the kayak also features molded-in wheels and towrope holes that make it easy to transport it on land.

What do we like?
• This kayak has an adequate amount of storage, which you could use to store your hunting gear.
• It is constructed of roto-polyethylene that makes it sturdy.
• The molded-in wheels and the tow-holes make its transportation on land a walk in the park.
• You can use it in the water, at the edge of the water, and even on the field.
• It has an ultra-low profile that allows you to hunt even in shallow waters.
• It features a transom that lets you mount a 2 HP motor for easier movement in the water.
• The holes at the back and front increase its stability.

What didn’t we like?
• You have to buy its cover separately.
• Steering with paddles is a bit tricky.

Who is this kayak meant for?
This Kayak is meant for duck hunters that love to explore different hunting grounds. It is also ideal for anyone looking to buy a kayak that has adequate space to store essential equipment.

Beavertail 400238 Duck Hunting Kayak

Beavertail 400238 Duck Hunting Kayak

This efficient accessory could make your duck hunting endeavors a lot easier. The kayak is constructed with a catamaran style hull that provides you with ultimate stability as you wade through the water.

Its design allows it to support the extra weight of your hunting gear. It also allows it to stay in position even after the thrust that emanates from the recoil of your hunting gun. The only thing that could affect the stability of this kayak is if it is hit by strong, humongous waves. Otherwise, you are safe to hunt. Its stability is one of the factors that qualify it as the best duck-hunting kayak.

The Beavertail 400238 Phantom also features a sturdy construction. It is made of 600 Denier polyester with a polyurethane coating. This makes it the ideal duck hunting kayak. Moreover, the kayak’s brown appearance enhances its camouflage abilities. You can sew some vegetation straps on the kayak to enhance its camouflage further. If you are keen on achieving the perfect ambush, you could cover the straps with predator blinds and add snow coverslips on top of the blind. These features will make sure that your prey won’t even see you coming!

At 360 pounds, Beavertail 400238 Phantom features one of the most lightweight designs. It also includes a waterproof storage space that provides extra space to fit essential hunting gear. However, you have to keep in mind that its weight may be unable to hold all of your hunting gear, implying that you should only store the essential gear.

When you go for this kayak, you can put worries about its durability aside. This is because the kayak comes with a 5-year warranty. You can enjoy as many duck hunting ventures as you like and simply return it for repairs or replacement if it develops any defects before the warranty expires.

While duck hunting is a thrilling sport, you are required to have some knowledge on how to escape a kayak in case it tips over. As much as the probability of tipping over with this kayak is low, you have to learn how to escape it when it defies the odds. It is also imperative to note that the vegetation cover on the kayak could make it a bit hectic for you to escape.

To make your hunting adventure comfortable, Beavertail 400238 Phantom comes with molded-in footrests and a contoured seat. It also has molded-in handles on each end.

What do we like?
• It has a lightweight design.
• It is constructed of sturdy material.
• This kayak has an adequate, waterproof storage at the back.
• You can sit on top of the kayak.
• The kayak comes with a 5-year warranty.
• It features a vegetation cover to enhance its camouflage.
• You can also add a blind and a snow cover.

What we didn’t like
• It is not suitable for heavy persons.
• The seat and footrests are not adjustable.
• It does not include a kneepad.

Who is this product for?
It is ideal for smaller hunters looking for a mid-priced duck hunting kayak.

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

The last item on our list is the Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Angler Fishing Kayak. This kayak is priced higher than the rest on this list, but it also qualifies as the perfect duck hunting kayak. You can go with this kayak for all your hunting endeavors and trust that you will be successful each time. After all, what is the need of having a hunting kayak that will not deliver on its promise?

This kayak is built with stable and efficient polyethylene hull, which increases its longevity to leave you enjoying your hunting escapades for long. The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 is also designed with a spacious cockpit to give you ample space to carry out all your hunting activities comfortably. This space will also allow you to stand inside the kayak easily.

Another feature that makes this an excellent duck hunting kayak is the built-in storage for its angling requirements. It also has a large stern day well that is conveniently situated behind the main seat. This positioning allows you to have easy access to any of your hunting gear when you need it. Keep in mind, however, that as much as this storage is spacious, it is not waterproof. This means that you can only use it to store your gear for a short time.

You might also be impressed by the fact that it has an anchor system that also includes a trolley system. Moreover, it has a deck bungee and two flush-mounted rod holders behind the seat. These features allow you to hold yourself in position for a long time to carry out a couple of hunting tasks. Its adjustable foot braces, thigh pads, and padded comfort Flex seat also allow you to have excellent control of the kayak.

The cockpit is fitted with a molded-in cockpit tray, a molded-in paddle park, and a cup holder. The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 also offers a maximum load range of about 275 to 325 pounds. It features a brown camo, which allow for maximum camouflaging capabilities. Camouflage is a key component of hunting.

What do we like?
• Its seat is comfortable and adjustable.
• The footrests are adjustable for maximum comfort.
• The cockpit is fitted with numerous amenities that contribute to increased comfort.
• It has ample storage space.
• The cockpit is spacious.
• It is made of sturdy material to increase its durability.
• It has an anchor system.
• The kayak has carry handles for easy transportation.

What we didn’t like
• The storage is not waterproof.
• Much as it is spacious, you cannot sit on the top.

Who is this product for?
This kayak is ideal for the enthusiastic hunter who is looking for a spacious and comfortable kayak.

What are the benefits of finding the best duck hunting kayaks?

The benefits of using duck hunting kayaks include:

i. They are easy to move around - Each of the aforementioned products comes with carry handles. They also do not have any extra packages, making them easy to transport. This means that you can move the kayak all by yourself.

ii. Economically priced – Compared to boats that were used in traditional duck hunting, the ideal hunting kayaks are quite affordable. They also don’t include hefty maintenance costs, and their small sizes make them easy to store. You don’t have to pay for any storage costs as compared to owning a boat.

iii. Quiet – The perfect duck hunting kayaks are quiet. Looking at the list above, none of them come with motors. It is only the first one that has a transom for a motor, and you don’t have to fit a motor. With their stealth, they will make your duck hunting efficient.

iv. They are quite versatile – One of the most advantageous features of a duck-hunting kayak is its versatility. You can easily use a kayak anywhere to hunt ducks because it conveniently works on shallow waters. You can also use it on land, in the water, and on the edge of a water-body. What’s more, its transportation is easy. You don’t need a ramp to transport a kayak; just tie yours on top of your car and you’re good to go.

v. Accessibility – Compared to boats, kayaks allow you access to more areas where you can carry out duck hunting. You can access areas you wouldn’t reach with a boat because a kayak can wade even in 4 inches of water.

vi. You can hunt alone – Kayaks give you the convenience of hunting alone even in deep water. You don’t have to go with your dog or a friend to help you load and offload the kayak.

Conclusion: Best Kayak for Duck Hunting

If you have been looking for the perfect duck-hunting kayak but haven’t settled on any, you should consider the aforementioned products. These kayaks are designed for ultimate duck hunting, and they are constructed to produce an outstanding performance. When looking for a duck hunting kayak, it is imperative that you consider its camouflage abilities, storage, and durability among other features. If you aren't really into kayak duck hunting you can also check out some of our hunting blind chairs.

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