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Best Hunting GPS | The Ultimate Guide

If you are a hunting fanatic looking to enjoy your next outdoor adventure, you need to be adequately prepared. When hunting out in the woods, you may wander off to places you are not familiar with. For your hunting trip to be thrilling and successful, it is advisable that you bring some type of GPS along. When shopping for this product, you will need to take into account factors such as its weight, compass accuracy, display, satellite reception, speed etc. Before we discuss the factors that determine the effectiveness of a GPS, we present a list of the best hunting GPS in the market.

As you will note from our mini-reviews, we have featured Garmin products because it is one of the leading brands in GPS technology. The reliability of its products has gained a large customer base that has helped the company maintain its quality consistency. With its products, you will be able to take advantage of the multiple software and mapping solutions to make your hunting more interesting.


Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Product Highlights
This hunting GPS comes with a 2.6" sunlight-readable color screen. The GPS is highly sensitive and is complemented by a GLONASS receiver with a quad helix antenna. It has an internal memory of 8 GB and a microSD card slot to allow expandability. It features a 3-axis compass with a barometric altimeter for ease of navigation across any ground. This allows you to learn about any weather changes through the data provided. This way, you will be able to determine whether to stay out or go back to your camp. You can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth technology or ANT+.

You can also share the activities that happen on your GPS via Live Track. The GPS features optional ANT+ sensors that include a heart rate monitor, Tempe temperature sensor, and speed and cadence sensors. You can also use it to control your VIRB action camera.

The hunting GPS weighs 9.28oz and is 1.4 x 4.2 x 6.3 inches in dimensions. The handheld GPS will also handle multiple navigation needs with precision as it features an accuracy level of 10 feet. 

For the users in the habit of documenting their activities, this GPS ill also give them a chance to add notes as well as waypoints. 

What I like
You will get to enjoy 250,000 preloaded caches for paperless caching from It also comes with preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K maps that will work efficiently alongside the accompanying 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription. You can also add to the collection of maps easily and readily. It comes with multiple smart notifications since you synchronize it with your smartphone for convenience. You can upload data wirelessly through the Garmin Connect and be able to view it from your smartphone. 

What I don't like
The battery life is only 16 hours, which may not be reliable enough for prolonged outdoor activities. As such, you may need to turn off the backlight to enhance the device’s battery longevity. In comparison to the other brands, this device might be a little expensive and may set you back a bit.

•It has a dual battery system.
•The map acquisition is excellent for reliability.
•It has a friendly interface that is easy to use.

•It comes with a limited choice of maps that are free. You have to make a subscription to enjoy a wider variety. 
•Some users find the start and stop time on this GPS to be inaccurate.

Who is this product for?
The Garmin GPSMAP 64st is designed for the hunters looking for the most reliable reception. 

Garmin Foretrex

Garmin Foretrex Hunting GPS

Product Highlights
The receiver has a HotFix that makes it perform excellently such that the reception is great even in areas with a heavy tree cover or in deep canyons. You can also acquire a heart rate monitor that is sold separately to keep track of:
- Routes
- Tracks
- Waypoints
- Heart rate 

You will need two standard AAA batteries to operate it. While on GPS mode, the battery life is about 17 hours, which is quite impressive. 

The hunting GPS also has a TracBack feature that allows the user to retrace his/her path on the LCD display. The display is easy to read even under the sun, and it features a high resolution of 100 x 64 pixels. The LCD display measures 1.42 x 0.91 inches. It has a Track Log 10000 for efficiency. 

It allows dual position readout such that you can view your current location in various formats. This accommodates the needs of multiple users. You can also get audible tones. 

Foretrex 401 GPS comes with a trip computer and sunrise/sunset times so you can know when to begin your hunting and when to go back to camp. It also features hunting/fishing information so that you can plan your schedule adequately. It is also designed with an electronic compass and a barometric altimeter, which gives you a chance to foresee the weather. Hunting has never been this fun! It weighs 3.04 ounces, which makes it light enough for ease of portability. It also has a strap that you can use to hold it on your wrist.

What I like
Foretrex 401 GPS comes with features such as tracback, heart rate monitor, and a barometric altimeter. The heart rate monitor will come in handy for users with various heart conditions. It has a robust construction and its reception is amazing. 

What I don't like
Its strap is flimsy, implying that you cannot rely on it for ease of transport. This is taking into account that its body is perfectly structured. 

•It has a reliable battery life
•It tracks your heart rate and pulse alongside providing path and route records. 

•Some users find it a bit inaccurate and complain that it gives different readings for the same location in intervals.

Who is this product for?
The Foretrex 401 GPS is made for anyone looking to go out for hours and exploring different locations, from areas under heavy tree cover to deep canyons. You can get a good gps in a hunting watch by checking this review.

Garmin Oregon 650t 3-Inch Handheld GPS

Garmin Oregon 650t GPS

Product Highlights
The 650t features a touchscreen 3-inch display that comes with multi-touch capabilities that is sunlight readable for convenience. It also has a dual-band GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning. The hunting GPS comes with three sensors for efficiency: a 3-axis compass, an accelerometer, and a barometric altimeter. The latter gives you weather forecasting statistics so you will know when to go hunting and when to stay indoors. 

The 650t also comes fitted with a Bluetooth technology to allow you to share information wirelessly. You may share your hunting routes, tracks, noted waypoints, and geocaches. With the ANT technology, you can also share your custom maps as well as the photos you take while out hunting. It also has a dual orientation such that you can view the displayed data in landscape or portrait styles.

Its design features a dual battery system where you can either use AA batteries or opt for the Oregon charged NiMH battery pack. It also features an 8 MP autofocus camera. With it, you can enjoy the digital zoom function and a LED flash/torch.

What I like
It has a 4 GB memory space that is impressive. It has multiple maps for location identification and cameras for perfect hunting. It comes with a heart rate monitor that comes in handy, especially for users with heart problems. Its 16-hour battery life gives you an ample use time. This way, it will not switch off while you are in the middle of your hunting game or in the woods. The dual battery capability also means you will not run out of charge or options while hunting. 

What I don't like
The 650t is great for geocaching but the alerts it gives when you are close to your destination may be misleading. The battery may also be unreliable when it is on GPS mode.

•It is accurate.
•The high-end technology featured in 650t is reliable.
•It is compatible with all the Garmin maps and other map products in the market.
•It is versatile.
•The touchscreen is bright and vivid for image quality.

•It may be a bit expensive for some users. 

Who is this product for
The 650t is great for users venturing out in the woods. 

Garmin eTrex Handheld Navigator

Garmin eTrex Handheld Navigator

Product highlight
This GPS navigator comes with a great resolution of 240 x 320 display pixels as compared to the other models. This provides an improved readability and image quality. It has an internal memory of 3.7 GB that is expandable via a SD card to hold more maps for convenience. 

It features a worldwide basemap with a shaded relief. This provides accurate coordinates and statistics that you can depend on regardless of your location. 

The screen display measures 2.2 inches and it has a 65K color scheme for better sunlight readability. Its physical dimensions are 2.1" x 4.0" x 1.3" for ease of storage. You can share the statistics obtained such as the waypoints, tracks, routes, and geocaches. All you need is to press the "send" function and connect wirelessly to a specific compatible device. These may include the VIRB or other accessory sensors.

The eTrex 30x comes with an electronic 3-axis compass that is tilt-compensated and a barometric altimeter. The later will alert you on all pressure changes as well as the current altitude level. You will be able to plot the barometric pressure experienced overtime for weather forecast.

What I like
This GPS navigator allows you to load more maps thanks to its expandable storage space. Once you make your subscription, you will access TOPO 24K, HuntView, BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT, and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. Besides the high display resolution, this GPS locator has a perfect sunlight readability. 

It weighs 6.4 ounces for lightness and features a compact design for ease of carrying even in your pocket or hand. It also has a rugged construction for durability.

What I don't like
The maps already uploaded on the eTrex 30x are not up-to-date since you may not locate some unpaved roads or small rivers. 

•It allows for wireless connectivity.
•It comes with a preloaded basemap.
•It has an upgraded display.
•It has built-in sensors for efficiency and reliability.
•You can load more maps.
•It is lightweight with a compact design.

•It has an unreliable mapping due to un-updated maps.

Who is this product for
The eTrex 30x GPS is a great choice for the users looking to hunt across a wide range of locations. This is because it comes with a worldwide basemap with reliable information.

Garmin Montana 610 Camo

Garmin Montana 610 Camo GPS

Product highlight
The Montana 610 Camo features a 4-inch dual-orientation so you can view on a portrait or landscape style based on your needs. You can use the touchscreen display while your gloves are on, which is unique. It is highly reliable since you can track the GPS and GLONASS satellites with it. 

It comes with preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K maps that also feature a 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription. You can also make use of the 3-axis compass with a barometric altimeter that gives you statistics of altitude and pressure changes. 

You can predict the satellite locations with the HotFix and the WAAS-enabled receiver will locate your position or required destination accurately. You can upload geocaching GPX files from directly to the navigator. You can store the data collected, such as the location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, in the available storage space. You can also share such information and other adventurous experiences with other Garmin users or your preferred social media platform. 

What I like
This navigator has a track manager that helps you organize the waypoints and routes. You can also navigate through them with ease in addition to being able to start or stop the track logs being recorded. The electronic 3-axis tilt-compensated will indicate where you are headed whether you are moving or motionless. The barometric altimeter will provide information on the weather changes for better planning. It also features a BaseCamp software that you can use to plan trips and adventures. The topographic maps are displayed in either 2-D or 3-D, and they will include the contour lines and elevation profiles. 

What I don't like
The preloaded maps are not up to date, implying that some locations may be missing or poorly represented. For instance, various trails are not included in the software, which may limit your options as you plan for the hunt.

•It obtains the coordinates fast and with precision. 
•The data collected is maintained in the internal memory.
•The GPS and GLONASS reception is super sensitive. 
•It comes with preloaded geocaches. 
•It has an 8 MP camera for image quality.
•The touchscreen is highly responsive, even when one is wearing gloves. 

•The sunlight readability is poor, which makes it hard to see while moving.

Who is this product for
The Montana 610 Camo is ideal for users who wish to go under water, in the woods, between tall buildings, and anywhere else. 

Hunting GPS Buying Guide

What to Look for in this product

Before narrowing your search down to one hunting GPS, you need to consider the following factors:

•Satellite Reception
Research shows that for fast satellite reception, you must get a GPS with a large antenna. This will ensure that you get your position or desired location fast. The software you use will also influence this reception, thus the need to keep them updated. While some GPS brands will map your location in 2D, others could give 3-D displays.

You will want a GPS that can locate your position fast and this will depend upon the speed of the inbuilt processor. When shopping, you can reboot the GPS to see how much time it takes to restart or input a specific location to see how long it takes to display the coordinates.
When purchasing a GPS, you need to consider the features that the display has to offer. The best hunting GPS is one that has a large display that is waterproof, durable, has a great resolution, and offers a perfect readability even under the sun. 

This is one of the major factors to consider especially for a bagpacker. This is because the weight affects its storage and portability. You want a small and compact hunting GPS that you can slip into your pocket and move with easily. 

•Input Method
A hunting GPS might have an input method that comprises of buttons while others may utilize a touchscreen. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. A touchscreen allows quick and easy input but the battery life is affected due to increased power consumption. It will also have poor responsiveness in the cold. In contrast, the button input method is super responsive even with your gloves on. It also saves on your battery life but tends to be slow. For hunters looking for speed, the touchscreen input method is ideal.

You should choose a hunting GPS whose battery has a long life. This will come in handy if you go for long hunting hours without getting a station to recharge the battery. You may also look out for the models with a dual battery system for convenience.

All handheld GPS brands will feature a compass. However, you need to assess the type of compass used and determine how precise it is in giving readings. You will find electronic compasses and differential types in the market. With an electronic compass, you will get a digital reading of the required coordinates without moving. The differential compass, on the other hand, requires you to keep moving to get the bearings. The electronic compass is better since you can get your bearings while resting or at camp. 

Benefits of Using the Best Hunting GPS

A hunting GPS is a great device to carry as you go about your favorite outdoor activities. With it, you are able to locate various areas on maps by using the installed software. You can also go hunting in a new place and not worry about getting lost. 

A hunting GPS will help you plan for your hunting trip and pick your routes, waypoints, and locations. If you get lost, you can use the maintained data to retrace your path. Nonetheless, you can use the GPS to know your current position and determine how far it is from your destination. Let the GPS worry about your location so you can focus on things such using a video camera to record your hunt.

You can store the data you collect with the GPS for future reference. Moreover, you can share it with other users of your GPS brand or on social media. What an amazing way to let your friends learn about your adventures! 

Final Thoughts

All the reviewed Garmin hunting GPS models are efficient and reliable. While we have nothing against using any of them, we picked eTrex 30x as second best. This is because it features an excellent display, especially when it comes to its sunlight readability. Our favorite, however, is the Montana 610 Camo. This is because it comes fitted with multiple features that we believe you are going to like. 

The other models could also suit you better. Of importance is to look out for a device’s speed, compass, weight, and the other factors discussed above. If you are planning your first hunting expedition but have not bought a GPS, this could be your chance. Check out the hunting GPS above, pick one, and stay updated on your location and the best routes to follow. 

What are your thoughts on the best hunting GPS?

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